Half the Sky

Sometimes it is not possible for us to see the entire sky. It hides behind the clouds, it seems partially obscured. Time to reflect, possibility to look back, to share our own story, to make plans. Although we cannot see it completely, we know that the sky is always there, so we wait for the next moment when it is released again and we can see to the horizon. Suddenly we can see things clearly.
The project was born in 2015 in Montreal, Canada, where I lived in the middle of the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighborhood; a working-class area, known for unemployment, abandonment, prostitution and crime. Most of its population is francophone and comes from the lower social classes.
Half the Sky is a loose diary - expression of my search for peculiar traces, for the banal and its charm. At the same time, the photographs are moments of contemplation in which, as a photographer, I reflect both on the place and on my own life. It is strongly related to the artistic concept of Walter Benjamin's flâneur. A person who is wandering the streets, strolling, open to the impressions as he passes; the flâneur is a master of the joy of observing. Half the Sky shows how a walk through the neighborhood itself can become an intimate act that allows contemplation and enhances our imagination.

Montreal, Canada, 2014-2018

Half the Sky , Artist Statement, Spanish